About us

Bingo9ja Lottery is a standard licensed company which is the first of its kind with daily guaranteed win. We are dedicated to lottery lovers across Nigeria.

We’re dynamic team of creative people with innovative mind

Bingo9ja – Nigeria’s ‘first innovative lottery platform’, which offers accessibility to game lovers via physical and online platforms such as the App, Web, USSD and Shops widely spread across select consumer touchpoints nationwide. Bingo9ja is an innovative lottery gaming system designed to offer Nigerians an accessible, fun, and highly rewarding option.

Our History

The intention of the company is to use the ease and proliferation of mobile phones while leveraging on cutting-edge technology to make gaming more accessible to everyone. Not only will Bingo9ja gamers be able to play the games using multiple channels, they will also be able to use their Bingo9ja loyalty pass cards

- Eni Eniola

Our Goal

“The goal is to gradually introduce different types of fun and engaging games and also with the possibility of winning millions of naira.”